What Is Rehabilitation Therapy For?

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When you are injured or have a debilitating condition, physical rehabilitation therapy is one of the best ways to get better. Although many people consider that therapy is only for people who are in a nursing home or hospital, the truth is that rehab therapy is for everyone who needs assistance getting back to their previous level of functioning.

Rehabilitation therapists help patients regain movement and function after an injury or surgery. They work with people in a controlled and safe environment to recover strength in their muscles and range of motion in their joints. This post will provide some information about rehabilitation therapy you may not know about and what it can do for you if you lose your motor skills. Keep reading!

Who Needs Rehabilitation Therapy?

People of all ages can take rehabilitation therapy. It’s designed for those with conditions limiting their ability to move or perform daily activities. For example:

  • Children with physical disabilities
  • Workers recovering from a job-related injury
  • Athletes who have suffered a sports injury
  • People recovering from a stroke or other neurological conditions
  • Elderly adults who need help regaining their independence

What Does Rehab Therapy Entail?

There are several types of rehabilitation, but the main goal is to help you retrieve movement and function. The type of rehabilitation therapy you receive will depend on your needs. Some common types of rehab therapy include:

  • Physical: It improves your strength, range of motion, and endurance. Physical therapy can also include chiropractor services as part of the recovery treatment.
  • Occupational: It helps you recover the skills you need to perform daily activities like getting dressed, cooking, and bathing.
  • Speech: This type focuses on the ability to speak clearly and improve swallowing skills.

Amazing Benefits of Rehabilitation Therapy

The benefits vary depending on the type of therapy you receive. However, some general benefits include: 

  • Improved strength
  • Greater range of motion
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved balance
  • Increased independence to perform daily activities

Not feeling capable of doing what you used to do before an accident can be frustrating. Fortunately, rehab therapy can take you back to your previous level of functioning with patience and persistence.


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